Lipta Plasric Industries Sdn Bhd

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Lipta Plasric Industries Sdn Bhd


The Company

LIPTA PLASTIC INDUSTRIES SDN. BHD. established in 1987 and is a leader in PVC Extrusion Hose manufacturer in Malaysia since then. Combining state-of-the-art facilities and a strong R&D team, Lipta Plastic have manage to produce a high quality and reliable product that cater to the market needs and requirement. Our product covers all kind of market segment which include Agriculture, Hardware Retailer, Hardware Wholesaler, Automotive and Manufacturing Industry. Some of the product range are PVC Flexible Reinforced Hose, Garden Hose.Washing Machine Inlet and outlet Hose, Industrial Tubing, LPG Hose etc which uses the major brand like "HOKAH' and VESI.

Lipta possess modern manufacturing plant with imported equipment and latest technology which comply with international standards. In addition, our company was accredited by ISO9001:2015. Nevertheless, our in depth quality control and production team assure every products meets customers' requirements and International standard.

Our strategy is oriented by market demands and motivated by research and development. By integrate scientific management plus state-of-the-art web operation; we market our product with outstanding quality and reliability. Enhance by the commitment and expertise of each team member, we highly believe the entrepreneurship of "Best Quality, Service Orientated, High Efficiency" which turns every research effort into reality. As a result, we have gained, continuous support from domestic and international exports market.



Corporate Value

      L - Leader In Extrusion Hose Industry
      I - Innovation Strength
      P - Product Research & Development
      T - Teamwork & Total Customer Orientation
      A - Accountability, Reliability and Credibility

The Research & Development


Since starting out, the company has always been able to combine creative research with disciplined development methodology. This combination allows for rapid reaction to the ever-evolving plastic industry market, enabling the company to adjust to market dynamism without sacrificing the architectural integrity of existing products.

In line with its continuous product improvement policy, the R&D center constantly works on a steady stream of enhancements. They are initiated by the following:

• Customer demands for increasingly sophisticated specifications.
• Competitor movements or advances.
• Requirements of standard and regulatory organizations.
• Fast evolving technological capabilities.

At the center, product quality/reliability is of the up most importance. That explain why the company always inculcates high level of discipline in its employees. This heavy emphasis on quality also justifies the strict enforcement of quality control at the work place.

Quality Assurance


All our product will undergo a strick quality check, and sample will be taken from each production batches to be tasted by our laboratory as to assure the product specification match the standard.

Lipta Plastic Industries Sdn Bhd own one of the most complete laboratory in PVC Industries in Malaysia.

All defective product will also be send to our laboratory for detect test and corrective procedure will be impose should that be a manufacturing detect.

FUL-YUEN MARKETING SDN. BHD. is established in 2009, fully manage by Lipta Plastic Industries Sdn. Bhd. Ful-Yuen Marketing Sdn. Bhd. will be responsible for all Sales & Marketing function of Lipta Plastic Industries Sdn. Bhd.